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Entry Doors

For many years Westgate has been a leading installer of entry doors which include Steel front doors, Fiberglass exterior doors and Wood panel doors. We are proud to work with the finest quality entry doors in the industry. The collections we use are fully customizable entry door systems and every door is made to match exact size requirements. A wide assortment of custom shaped transoms and sidelite units are available to match our exterior doors.

Updating your home

Doors can say a lot about the home owner. It’s a way to update the aesthetics both internally and externally. Not to mention the great energy savings and increased value of your home.

Door Line Up

Entry Doors

Doors often come in the following configurations.

Single Door Style
Single Door
Single Door and One Sidelite Style
Door & 1 Sidelite
Westgate Single Door and Two Sidelites Style
Door & 2 Sidelite
Westgate Entry Door Double Door
Double Door
Don’t Be Overwhelmed

Jared Can Help

It’s the options that get overwhelming and Jared has a way to navigate these options with you to understand what your preferences are. Once we know your required configuration your options will include; frame system, door panel, decorative glass, hardware and finish options. All these options can either be fully assembled classic solutions or 100% custom design to build your dream door.

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OUR Suppliers

Manufactured by Window City and Ruscan Doors

In the meantime if you do want to research your options, everything you see on the Window City and Ruscan Doors websites is available through Westgate.