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Keeping It Simple

We understand that it can be overwhelming navigating through all of the options that come along with purchasing new windows and doors, but with Westgate, we like to keep things simple. You can trust us to be the experts to work with you through all of the steps towards the perfect solutions for your home.  We’ve got access to many different options that would suit your needs and can narrow down your choices after a few simple questions. When you work with Westgate, we take the hard work out of it for you. 

Our Process Step 1 In Home Assessment

In Home Assessment

We come to you! We assess your needs first-hand and establish a budget that works for you in the process. We’ll provide you with a detailed quote and timeline you can count on. No surprises, no gimmicks… just what you asked for and within the agreed upon pricing.  

Our Process Step 2 Firm Price Quotation

Firm Price Quotation

After your in-home session, since we know our business inside and out, we run the numbers through our software to provide you with a firm price at the time of your assessment. We also provide a clear and concise contract, which includes all the details you need. i.e. payments, change orders, site conditions, guarantees, and other assurances. We’re a business you can trust with no hidden costs or fees. 

Our Process Step 3 Final preparation For Installation

Final preparation For Installation

When you choose Westgate, we will return to your home to take final accurate measurements before your install date approaches. We take pride in our process and consider this stage a crucial point in time as it ensures that there are no improperly selected material or a major delay during installation. We do our very best to avoid all issues and go to great lengths to ensure the process is done right… every time. 

Our Process Step 4 “Out-With-The-Old” Work Begins

“Out-With-The-Old” Work Begins

Before we begin working on your project, we ensure that we remove the old door and frame completely.  We don’t agree with retrofit projects, and you shouldn’t either. Removing the frame and door in its entirety saves you time and money in the long run.  This is why we have less than a 1% complaint rate. Get the job done right the first time. 

Step 5 “In-With-The-New” Work Begins

“In-With-The-New” Work Begins

Once the foundation has been set for finishing work, and all pre-installation construction has been completed, its time for the installation of your new windows and doors! We only work with the best and source our products from Window City. We make sure that our solutions are energy efficient, the highest in quality and are backed by a guaranteed warranty. 

Step 6 Completion


Our job is not done until you’re 100% satisfied! And even after we finish and clean up, we follow up with you a week later to be sure you’re happy with our work. It’s important to us that you had a great experience with Westgate and that you’d recommend us to your friends. 


Manufactured by Window City and Ruscan Doors

Window City a family owned, 4th generation company provides products that are built to exceed quality testing standards. Window City for over 26 years has provided over two million vinyl windows to happy homes.

Ruscan Doors specializes in custom made entry doors and prides themselves on bringing great quality products to their clients. Ruscan Doors desire is to make you satisfied and amazed by the quality of their product and craftsmanship.